Compassion in action since 2003

It was very pleasing that we could bring cheer and morale-boost to the attendees of the weekly Senior Citizens’ Day Care Centre. Many of them were very old and expressed to me that they looked forward to the Thursday mornings to spend time in the centre.

–  Mr Krishnaswamy Vasudevan, SWAMI WA Inc Founder Secretary

“My late husband was an attendee of the Senior Citizens’ Day Care Centre. From the very beginning, he really enjoyed the company of the other members and especially the lovely and caring Volunteers. Thursday mornings was a day that he looked forward to.”

–  Tinawati Santoso, SWAMI WA Inc Volunteer

“It was an Inspiration to see some Volunteers who were aged in their 70’s and 80’s still able to drive to Sunshine and cook breakfast and lunch and make lovely Desserts for the attendees (of the Senior’s day care centre).”

–  Alan Ee, SWAMI WA Inc Volunteer

“Divine You Inc is very grateful for the assistance given by Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (WA) Inc in the form of financial assistance, provision of groceries for the needy and blankets for the needy during winter months.”

–  Sister Sahaya, Divine You Inc, WA