What We do

Senior's Day Care

In 2003, the first project undertaken by SWAMI WA was to serve the senior citizens of the Perth area. With this in mind the Sunshine Senior Citizens’ Day Care Centre was started and successfully served between 15-30 clients per week with a group of dedicated volunteers.

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What we do

Self-Confidence and Life-Skills Classes

In early 2016, SWAMI WA was guided to start a weekly ‘Self-Confidence and Life-Skills’ program for children and youth. The program aimed at building confidence and introducing the five human values (Truth, Right-action, Peace, Love and Non-violence) to children and youth every Sunday.

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What We do

Divine Kitchen

Since 2016, we have been conducting a monthly food donation program in Minnawarra House, WA for over 30 – 40 poor and needy families. Basic food necessities for example rice, pasta, milk and various types of canned foods are donated to them for distribution. Further, volunteers prepare meals every alternate Sunday. This service provides about 140 meals per month for weekly distribution to needy families.
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What we do

Supporting NGOs around the globe

We strongly believe in the concept that we are all part of one universal family. As such, we are motivated to support other groups and institutions that are striving to create a better world for their fellow citizens around the world. Some of the projects we have supported include supporting human values schools in Laos and support for the construction of a free multispeciality hospital in India.

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"What will matter at the end would simply be how good we were, how much good we have done in our lives and how many people we have served and helped."

– Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai